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10 Interview Questions to Master in Your Interview

Interviews are a fundamental part of the job application process. Unfortunately, they can also be a daunting experience for any professional. While it’s impossible to predict exactly what your interviewer might ask, there are a handful of common questions in the landscape. Knowing how to respond to questions like, “what are your strengths and weaknesses?” or “Why do you want to work here?” could be the key to setting you apart from your professional competition.

Today, we’re going to cover all the most essential steps in preparing for an incredible interview and nailing the most common questions.

Our report will cover:

  1. How to prepare for your interview

  2. Making the right first impression

  3. The 10 top questions to prepare for

  4. Answering questions the right way (body language)

  5. What is a competency-based interview?

  6. Which questions to ask your interviewer

Let’s dive in.