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Recruitment Agency VS Jobcentre: What is the Difference

By Francis Kelly

Recruitment Agency VS Jobcentre: What is the Difference

My job applications are unsuccessful, what can I do?

At Magpie Recruitment, we believe that a successful recruitment process only occurs if we listen to what our clients need and to what our candidates want. Unfortunately, there are occasions where candidates are overlooked as they may not be considered the right fit for the company.

If you find yourself in this situation, it is understandable to be frustrated.

We have written this piece to help you consider some other options that may result in a more fruitful job search.


First of all, it is worth establishing: what does a recruitment agency do?

As recruiters, we work with companies to help them find a candidate that is the perfect fit for their vacancy.

Companies reach out to us for help, and we search through hundreds of CVs to find those few candidates that cater to all of their wants and needs.

As our main priority is finding the perfect candidate for the companies’ role, many CVs will unfortunately have to be overlooked. If this is the case for your CV, it is still worth applying for future job listings as you may just have the qualities they are looking for.


Where to look if my applications are unsuccessful

Fear not! There is always a solution. Have you considered approaching a Jobcentre?

As stated by Jobcentre plus, their primary goal is to “help people of working age to find employment in the UK”. Jobcentres work for you; they try to secure a role for you. Your needs are their priority!

Furthermore, Jobcentre plus grants you the necessary support to aid your preparation for finding and staying in work.

They provide training, guidance and workplace programmes, as well as workplace schemes like work experience, volunteering, and job trialling. For more details, check out the Jobcentre Plus site.

There are of course plenty of other options.

When recruiting, many companies are actively looking for experience in the relevant sector. Therefore, working for a charity could provide you with some great experience that would be a massive boost to your career.

If you are just starting in your career venture or you have had some time off, getting some experience could be crucial to getting your career on track.

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Job Search Advice

To help give you a leg up on your career search, here are some tips and tricks that will make you stand out above other candidates.

Start Networking

You may have heard the phrase: “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know”. Well, a great way to put your foot in the door of a business is by making connections.

If you are someone that is yet to utilize LinkedIn, you could be seriously missing out! Making connections, commenting on and liking posts is a great way to form positive relations; it shows you are enthusiastic about your desired job market.

Following companies that you are enthusiastic about and interacting with their posts is a greatly beneficial strategy to get noticed. But make sure to keep it professional!

It is important to note that you should not start connecting to a lot of people you don’t know on LinkedIn. It looks unprofessional and wouldn’t work in your favour. Try to stick to people you have had a conversation with or have met in the past.

Alternatively, you could attend careers fairs and company presentations to speak directly to the people that deal with their recruitment. This would give you a chance to present yourself face to face and leave a lasting impression.

Go Beyond Job Listings

If you have been endlessly applying to job listings with no luck, you may be better off focusing your attention on specific companies that you’re interested in. You will have more of a positive impression as you look more enthusiastic approaching them directly rather than through a job board.

Send them a CV, a cover letter and sell yourself as well as you can! If the company is posting multiple vacancies, it is a clear sign that they are expanding; this is the perfect time to show them what you’ve got.

Adapt and Update Your Resume

Have you got a good idea of what role you are looking for? If you are considering multiple options, you will need to tailor your CV to whichever sector you are looking at. Mention skills from previous work experience that are relevant to the sector.

Also, make sure you are continuing to update your resume. If you take on more responsibility at your current role or gain some valuable experience, make sure to mention it in your resume. Writing your resume from scratch can be a struggle, therefore, by updating it regularly, you will remember all the key details that could be invaluable to the recruiter.

Make sure your details are all up to date (email, address and phone number and LinkedIn). When submitting your CV, format it as a PDF- this looks more professional.


It is understandable to become stressed and frustrated at the lack of responses from job applications. However, it is important to understand that the economic climate is tough right now and many companies have halted their recruitment.

Resultantly, you shouldn’t get disheartened. It is key to continue with your job search and stay motivated to secure that role you are looking for.

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Below we have collated some useful resources that will help your job search journey.

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