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How to Hire Employees in a Skills-Short Market

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The staffing and recruiting landscape has changed.

Data suggests that employees in every sector are moving through specific skills that may be in short supply.

A recent research report from Microsoft revealed that approaching fifty per cent of the global workforce would consider a move in the next two years.

And a recent article on HBR validates that most people who took a new job weren't actively searching for one; 'somebody came and got them'.

The challenge is many candidates have reconsidered how they now want their career to move forward.

Because it's getting harder to recruit the right employees, your organisation must do everything it can to stay attractive in a different marketplace where salaries are rising, increased flexibility is demanded, and counteroffers are on the increase.

The companies who will win the battle for talent in the next few years are the ones who understand, at every level, what an accomplished employee is looking for.

This report explores these essential elements and demonstrates how you can update your recruiting process to hire the right talent to take your business forward.

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