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The Ultimate Guide to Counter Offers in The Work place

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The challenge of counter-offers isn't new, especially in the job market. Though the last few years have seen a huge swing in the

availability of skilled talent in the marketplace, the impact of a global pandemic has seen the jobs market bounce around at an

unprecedented rate.

The UK governments furlough scheme, Brexit, remote working, candidates indecision about moving and companies now increasing their recruitment drive means the market is and will continue to be volatile for some time

Companies don't want to lose key players. Others will do anything to entice someone to work for them, including increased benefits, inflated salaries and any number of Apple or Samsung devices!

The ultimate guide to counter-offers in the sector report covers all the fundamental facts about counter-offers, what is happening in the market today, and the undeniable data that making or accepting a counter-offer rarely works for any party in the long term.

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