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Video Interviewing Software

Watch this short video to find out how our video software can benefit you.

Video Interviews are Here to Stay

Since COVID-19 struck, our virtual world has increased exponentially, and video technology has become a part of our daily lives; from work meetings, video GP appointments to meeting relatives on Zoom instead of in person.

Many sectors were in the process of adopting video conferencing, and the onset of the pandemic accelerated this adoption.

Recent research has found that up to 84% of recruiters have reported altering their process to accommodate virtual exchanges. Video interviewing is now a critical stage in many organisation’s recruitment processes. For assitance on how to hire using video interviewing, follow the advice in our in depth report.

Video interviews can benefit both the candidate and the company who are hiring – reduced travel costs, ease of scheduling around your current commitments and some of the stresses of an in-person interview can even be eliminated.

Solo Video Software

Along with a CV, candidates will send a short video answering personalised questions from the client. This process takes a matter of minutes. To prepare yourself for a successful video interview follow the clear instructions detailed in our blog.

Why it is useful for both clients and candidates looking for a job

When searching for a new job it is important to remember that not only a good CV will guarantee you a role; employers are also looking to judge whether your personality and attitude would be the right fit for the company. Sending a video answering personalised questions from the employer is a great way to present yourself in a positive light before the initial interview phase. Being yourself, answering questions confidently and creatively, and looking presentable can go a long way in gaining a one-to-one interview with your employer. This process has shown to increase response rates
from clients by 450% compared to other methods.